Law Offices of
Thomas J. Herbert
(321) 255-9001

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Our main office is in Melbourne, west of Eau Gallie High School and immediately east of Croton Road on the north side of West Eau Gallie Boulevard.  Turn into the parking lot east of Croton Road.  We are on 
the northeast corner of the intersection of West Eau Gallie Boulevard and Croton Road  The office is the western most suite (all the way on the left when facing the building), which is number 106, within the offices of "Mommers & Colombo Attorneys at Law."


Take Exit #183 on Interstate 95 (for Eau Gallie Blvd./ SR 518 "Melbourne and Beaches"), and travel east. 

Continue traveling straight on Eau Gallie Blvd./ SR 518 through the intersection with Wickham Rd. (approx. 2.2 miles from I-95).

Continue traveling east on Eau Gallie Boulevard and you may either turn north (left) onto Croton Road, and take the first right turn onto Learning Lane (immediately behind or north of the office), which is on the south side of Croton Elementary School.   There is a turn-in to our office parking lot on the right, between the two buildings.  Turn in and take a right (to the west) after the stop sign, and park at or near the west end of the lot.  

You can also travel west through the intersection with Croton Road (approx. 1 mile east of the Wickham Road intersection) and make a U-turn on Eau Gallie Boulevard to pull into the parking lot, which is on the north side of the road, immediately east of the intersection with Croton Road.

Mr. Herbert's office is located on the extreme far left (or western) side of the building if you are facing it.  Look for the "Mommers and Colombo" sign (blue with white lettering), and enter in the door below it.  Mr. Herbert's office is within the Mommers and Colombo office suite.   There is another building to the east which looks very similar; if you see doctors' office signage please turn around and find the "other" Suite 106.  


 Turn west onto West Eau Gallie Boulevard, travelling over the railroad tracks and continuing west past the Apollo Road/ Commodore Boulevard intersection and Eau Gallie High School. Just before (east of) the next light, which is Croton Road, turn right into the parking lot, then veer left upon entering the lot and park near the extreme left or western end of the lot.  

If you end up at the Wickham Road intersection with Eau Gallie Boulevard, you should turn around and head east and follow the directions above for approaching from the west.
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